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Pipeline Program with Focus Approach

As you have learned, the Focus Approach employs the IRAC method, which is the primary way law students approach complex legal problems. Here is another example of how it works:

  • ISSUE: Your current LSAT score is not competitive enough to secure your admission to law school. What should you do?
  • RULE: Members of our Pipeline Program who raise their LSAT score to a 153 or higher will receive guaranteed admission to Pace Law School.
  • ANALYSIS: Our two-part program, which includes both an LSAT Focus Approach course as well as a Legal Writing class taught by a Pace Law professor, will give you the tools you need to raise your LSAT score AND prepare you for the first year of law school.
  • CONCLUSION: You should follow the instructions below to find out if you are a candidate for the Pipeline Program. 

If you (1) are a candidate for Pipeline, (2) successfully complete the program by raising your LSAT score to a 153 or higher, and (3) enroll at Pace, you will receive a one-time tuition reduction to cover the cost of Pipeline.

To be considered for eligibility, please take the following steps.

  1. Contact the Focus Approach at Once you have enrolled in the course, we will receive confirmation from the Focus Approach. Enrollment in the six-week Legal Writing class will sequence with the LSAT prep.
  2. Apply for admission through the LSAC with an addendum/cover letter requesting consideration for the Pipeline Program; also send an email directly to alerting the staff to the fact you have submitted an application. 
  3. The Office of Admissions will review your documents and confirm enrollment with LSAT Focus Approach. If approved for the Pipeline Program, we will send an agreement form and request payment.


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