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 Law Clinic & Justice Center 

Under the supervision of experienced professors or as part of an extensive internship program with over 160 placements, students enrolled in the award-winning Clinic & Justice Center represent clients who do not have a lawyer to speak for them in court, take on issues that affect large numbers of people, or engage in policy development, assist in judicial or administrative decision-making, or practice other legal tasks under lawyer supervision. Through these experiences the students develop a deeper understanding of the legal system and discover the kind of lawyer they want to become.
 As the preeminent legal and policy research center in New York's capital, the Government Law Center (GLC) introduces students to methods of policy analysis and to opportunities for public service.  The GLC works on a range of issues, focusing on economic development, innovations in governance and law and social innovation.  It collaborates with partners at all levels of government—local, state, national and international—and in the private, non-profit and philanthropic sectors to help design innovative, scalable, and effective solutions to pressing social problems.
 The new Center for Excellence in Law Teaching focuses on the study and development of teaching outcomes, assessment, curriculum and other areas to support faculty to better prepare students for practice. By grounding their doctrinal learning in concrete lessons and experiences, students leave law school with a strong sense of the profession and the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the profession.

 Institute of Legal Studies / CLE

Continuing Legal Education at Albany Law School is provided through the office of the Institute of Legal Studies. Courses are taught by law school faculty, as well as respected members of the bench and bar. The Institute of Legal Studies prides itself on providing innovative Continuing Legal Education courses.